I Started Writing a Silly Blog

Colorado is my second home. The mountains seem to bring life back into. Force me to face myself. Something that can be difficult at home.

I also have some of my closest friends in Colorado. In November of 2018, Noah and I went to visit our friend Douglas Little and his beautiful family. Doug and his wife Libby (who is also a great friend) provide a great example for Elisa and myself. Especially, in regards to raising a child. Their daughter, Bernadette has more diverse travel experience than most adults.

So, the title of this blog is ‘I Started Writing a SIlly Blog’. Let me tell you a bit about that, and include some of our adventures along the way.

On a Plane:

I flew solo to Denver and planned to meet up with Noah. On the plane I started running through my long work week that I did in order to make this long weekend happen. It consisted of 12-16 hour days. I love those days a bit too much. The blog I was starting on the plane didn’t describe those three days in a supportive manner. The tone was much more “look at me” type. It sounded more like ego than a genuine way to share my tool kit.

In the moment, I thought the blog was good. It seemed like the lesson was killer, but failed to see how poor the delivery was.


Noah and I met in the airport. He landed 20 minutes after me. I was anxious once we landed. We had a two and a half hour drive to Doug’s home. I had set up a podcast to do with some great people and friends named Bobby and Hannah. Just in the moment after landing, it was becoming clear how bad I fucked up the logistics. The podcast was going to add another three hours minimum. We would arrive in Eagle in the middle of the night. I was forced to admit my failings and canceled the podcast. Still going to do it, because it will be a great one.

We headed out with our Uber driver who ended up being one of the most interesting souls I have ever met. I could and maybe will do a separate story on it. I will sum it up here with that he believes the Nazis are on the moon, waiting out the perfect moment to strike. I guess I can’t say for sure he is wrong.

Western Colorado:

There are few places I love more than the Eagle area to spend time with the Little family.

It is a calm city and plenty to do. Quick access to the mountains, and you don’t get the crowd that the National Parks do. Little’s home butts right up to the White River National Forest. The largest area of protected land in the United States. Lucky bastard.

We spent the weekend exploring new areas. The second day, we just walked out of Doug’s backyard and onto our trail. Our hike was to a small peak called the Witch Tete (What a name). It was a great hike. Perfect view and variety of life. It was also nice and challenging 8 miles. Getting to the top requires a bit scrambling. Noah stays behind Doug and I. He had less cutes and bruises, thanks to our failures.

It was perfect when we got to the top. Both sides of the valley looked like completely different worlds. One side had the red rocks of Mars, but green and brown bushes all around. To the other, we looked to our trail, experiencing our journey all at once. At the top, I took a moment to write my thoughts.

Once you get to the destination on the trail, a wonderful moment happens, our minds realize we have been living in the moment. It is a beautiful moment that I am thankful to experience. Our minds being in the present moment.

In Closing:

I don’t want to request that you read all my moments in Western Colorado. I just want to thank Doug and Libby for being such beautiful friends.

I worked hard to make it to Colorado that weekend. It isn’t about bragging about all the things you can do. Something I regretfully slip into once and while. I want to inspire that the work is worth it. Worth it to live life to the fullest. Be apart of this beautiful world. Remember to that is the goal. Not a cool snapchat or instagram story.